A Unique and stunning violin bow

This month we feature a stunning and totally unique violin bow, a collaboration of the old and new between the famous firm of WE Hill & Sons and the ex-Hills bowmaker John Clutterbuck.

For years in our collection we have had a beautiful tortoiseshell and silver Hill frog and adjuster, a superb example dating from the very early 1900’s.

Decades have passed and we have never found a suitable stick from the same period to make a good match, so this year we decided to commission John Clutterbuck, an ex Hill’s bowmaker to make a new stick to match these beautiful fittings, all in the Hill style, thereby making a totally unique bow as well as making appropriate use of these amazing hand-crafted period fittings.

John learnt his craft at an early age in the London Hill workshops in Hanwell, and by the time he left to set up on his own he had made many bows under the name of W E Hill & Sons , often working with gold and tortoiseshell with some of the finest sticks available. He is now considered to be one of the finest former Hill employees working in the world today.

This bow is of fine quality pernambuco and the original frog and adjuster are perfectly fitted to the new round stick. It is finished with an authentic style ‘black and white’ lapping and a solid silver face to complement the intricately carved head. The weight is 61.9 grammes.

It comes with our certificate detailing the provenance of the bow and a signed certificate from John Clutterbuck.

This is a real opportunity for the investor or player wishing to acquire a unique and fascinating bow, please Email your interest to;