Updated for December 2023

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Bows are a particular passion of ours and we always have a good selection for sale – pictured and described here are a selection of hand picked examples from our stock, the older bows being prepared to very high standards, guaranteed and ready to play. We would be delighted to hear from you should you require any further information on our bows for sale.

Violin bows for sale

Arnold Voigt, Markneukirchen circa 1910

German silver-mounted circa 1900

German silver-mounted bow circa 1900

Artist ‘Bauch model’, Czech circa 1900

De Souza special quality Brazilian bow

French, Morizot freres circa 1930

New silver-mounted Brazilian bow, Renata Casara

August Edwin Prager, Markneukirchen circa 1930

BAUCH workshops circa 1890

New silver-mounted Brazilian bow by J Galacha

Coda ‘Diamond GX’ silver mounted 60.4 grammes

Wilhelm Herrmann 1920-1940, 61.8 grammes

Marc Laberte, Mirecourt circa 1910, 61.2 grammes

John Clutterbuck 1998

John Clutterbuck, new

Interesting silver-mounted French bow, maker unknown

F Leclair Lyon contemporary, 62.1 grammes

French by Broullier & Lotte circa 1920

Louis Joseph Morizot (pere) circa 1920, 61.1 grammes


Viola bows for sale

An excellent VIOLA BOW by W E Hill & Sons in good condition

A beautiful VIOLA BOW by James Dodd

Silver & ebony mounted by Grant Fay

Silver and ebony mounted by John Clutterbuck, new


Cello bows for sale

John Clutterbuck (ex W E Hill & Sons) 

Gotthard Schuster, 80.8 grammes

Jerome Thibouville-Lamy, silver & ebony mounted circa 1900

Roderich Paesold, 81.5 grammes

P W Bryant, 79.4 grammes

Louis Morizot, 72.4 grammes

W Seifert, Germany

Renate Casara, Brazil

Charles Bazin (nickel mounted), 80.9 grammes

Charles Bazin circa 1900, silver & ebony mounted, round stick

Gold mounted and engraved Tubbs model, 79.7 grammes