Updated for November 2019


We usually have a good selection of new workshop made Brazilian, German, Swiss and Chinese bows, together with hand-made examples of older period bows.

For instrument and bow matters we do suggest making an appointment. Please contact us should you wish for further information regarding any of our bows.

Violin Bows

Several good German silver-mounted bows from 1900/1910 all in excellent condition

Roy Collins, silver & ebony mounted, pupil of Bultitude

Arnold Voigt circa 1910, 61.2 grammes

Markneukirchen with faint brand circa 1910, 59.6 grammes

Roderich Paesold, contemporary, 60.2 grammes

G A Pfretzschner workshop circa 1925, 59.4 grammes

Coda ‘Diamond GX’ silver mounted 60.4 grammes

Wilhelm Herrmann 1920-1940, 61.8 grammes

Marc Laberte, Mirecourt circa 1910, 61.2 grammes

John Clutterbuck, 62.6 grammes + JUST ARRIVED a rare second-hand violin bow

**New Clutterbuck bows also available from May 2019 including VIOLA and ‘CELLO**

August Lenoble circa 1880 – silver & ebony mounted, 65.7 grammes SOLD

Johann W Knopf  circa 1890, 59.3 grammes

F Leclair Lyon contemporary, 62.1 grammes

Made for N Lemaire circa 1930 Morizot school, 61.2 grammes

Louis Morizot (pere) circa 1920, 61.3 grammes


Viola Bows

An excellent VIOLA BOW by W E Hill & Sons in good condition

A beautiful VIOLA BOW by James Dodd

Silver-mounted by Grant Fay

Silver-mounted by John Clutterbuck, ‘Hill’ style


Cello Bows

John Clutterbuck (ex W E Hill & Sons) both silver & gold mounted available

Gotthard Schuster, 80.8 grammes

Renate Casaro, silver mounted 81.6 grammes

Roderich Paesold, 81.5 grammes

P W Bryant, 79.4 grammes

Louis Morizot, 72.4 grammes

W Seifert, 83.4 grammes

H R Pfretzschner, 81.3 grammes

Charles Bazin (nickel mounted), 80.9 grammes

Charles Bazin (silver mounted)

Gold mounted and engraved Tubbs model, 79.7 grammes