Our December selection;

New Chinese workshop-made 4/4 size

Excellent value instruments from China, we buy these `Cellos as a `shell` and set them up in our own workshops to exacting standards. Not to be confused with other poorer imports which rarely get set up properly. Several types available this month with prices at £1500, £2400, £3250 & £3750 all with various options for different strings, cases, covers and bows etc, please call us for further details and options to suit you.

New `Antiqued` model Jay Haide
Superb quality instruments with excellent attention to detail, top quality woods and a very convincing antiqued finish – very affordable handmade`Cellos, all set up properly in our workshops here in Wallingford

Older Instruments

Beautiful French Cello by Riviere & Hawkes, labelled and dated 1891
This is an example of the very best Mirecourt work of the period, top quality woods and a very attractive instrument.

Contemporary English Cello by Paul Michael Stanton dated 1999
Old English model, good sound and condition.
Old German circa 1900
Very clean and tidy workshop made German Cello, nice dark varnish in good condition.
Old German, Neuner & Hornsteiner school c 1880
A typical example of the better grade from this workshop, original and
very attractive red-brown varnish. Good condition throughout
Interesting English cello, hand made by Arthur Houghton labelled and dated 1930
Excellent condition
Old French Cello of the Caussin school c1880 in really beautiful condition.
German  Cello of the Lowendall school, probably Berlin c 1880
Typical well-made instrument from this region
Old English, London c1770, school of Joseph Hill
E H Roth labelled and dated 1929