Repairs, restorations and set-ups.

Our shop is currently open by appointment only

All repairs are carried out in our own workshops and we guarantee the highest standard of workmanship. Anything from small adjustments to full restorations are undertaken. Should you wish to bring us an instrument for a repair quote simply contact us first to make an appointment and we will happily discuss the process with you and give you an estimate as to the time it will take and the cost involved. (Please email to arrange)

Violin retouching

In cases of accidental damage we will be happy to produce a detailed estimate for all the work required for your insurers and are pleased to discuss your particular requirements in detail with you. A phone call or e-mail in advance of your visit will assure you of individual attention.


Bow Repairs and Restoration

All our bow rehairs, repairs and restorations are undertaken by W.E. Hill & Sons trained bowmakers. From a simple rehair to a full restoration, we are able to offer a top quality service.

Commission Sales

Disposing of an instrument or bow at the best possible price can sometimes be difficult. In suitable instances (most commonly with instruments with a value of more than £5000) we are able to offer our commission sale service where we simply take a percentage-based fee when the instrument is sold. Please call in advance to discuss your requirements.

Violins purchased for cash

We remain keen buyers of good quality old Violins, Violas or Cellos. If an instrument requires a considerable amount of repair or restoration it may not be the best course of action to have it restored and then attempt to find a buyer. We are keen cash buyers of good quality old instruments in need of restoration, and always try and pay the best possible price.

(We do not, however, purchase electric instruments of any description, or factory made Chinese beginners instruments labelled with bird names like ‘Lark’, ‘Skylark’ or ‘Parrot’ to mention a few!) We usually suggest Ebay or Gumtree as the best route for instruments such as these.

If you have an old Violin Viola or Cello to dispose of, please do not hesitate to contact us first.

Why not discuss your instrument with us before selling, our advice is free and our experience extensive.

Appraisals and Valuations

A common oversight amongst musicians is keeping the value of their instrument updated. We offer a full professional appraisal and valuation service, whether you are updating a current valuation for insurance, or wish to sell your instrument.

Although we prefer to have the instrument in front of us, we are able to give a rough idea via e-mail if you can provide us with the following information:

    • Description
    • Brand
    • Condition
    • History
  • Label (if any – to be found inside the instrument)

Please email as many detailed photographs as you can to enable us to offer a rough opinion. (Any valuation arrived at via this method would be subject to us ultimately inspecting the instrument in our workshop for final verification.)

Note: It really helps if some of the pictures are taken with your digital camera `macro` setting, particularly if there is any damage which may need restoration. Most small cameras have this facility now.



An often overlooked subject for the busy musician is having regular appraisals of their treasured instrument for the purposes of insurance. It is vital to have this information updated regularly, and once valued at Waters Violins your instruments details are placed on our computer records for easy up-dating in the future. Please call in advance to take advantage of this service on 01491 825616


To discuss any of the above services we strongly suggest an email in advance of your visit to establish the nature of your enquiry so as to ensure the right person is on hand to help.  Wherever possible we do try and work by appointment so as to ensure we have enough time to assist as efficiently as possible.  Thank you

We are currently open by appointment only