Chinese student (outfit)

This comes with a lovely lightweight oblong case with cover, a new bow and adjusted in our workshop to good playing order


Chinese ‘Orchestral’ model (outfit)

French circa 1890 “Copie de Stradivarius”

New handmade Chinese reproduction style, one piece back

German violin labelled  “Made in Mittenwald, Germany 1910”

German labelled Schweitzer, Dresden c 1890

German, Markneukirchen circa 1910

French, Breton school circa 1880

French, Rene Cune, Mirecourt 1924

English by Peter Clay 1977

Good German 7/8 size c1900

French, J Thibouville-Lamy  Strad copy c1900

German Dresden school c1890, labelled ‘Kloz’

Good German labelled Rinaldi 1896

Mirecourt c 1900 labelled Michel Gerard

Good French 7/8 size

“Grand Concert” Saxony circa 1890

Charles Bailley workshops 1919

Hawkes & Son “The Professor” 1895

Interesting violin labelled Guidici 1949

Good French labelled Collin Mezin c1900

Good German “Albert Lorenz”

French by Marc Laberte 1932

Interesting handmade circa 1850