French violin by Emile Blondelet labelled, branded inside and dated 1911

H.Emile Blondelet 1911 scroll showing original gold-mounted pegs

A truly beautiful instrument by this maker in near perfect original condition, please contact us for further details of this remarkable violin.

George Craske – small “Guarneri” model, circa 1850

Andreas Renisto, 1932

Pistucci school, dated 1898

George Wulme-Hudson, 1935 Mint condition

Modern Italian Violin by Franco Barozzi, 1982

Old English, circa 1770

Claude Victor Rambaux, c1840

Charles J B Collin-Mezin, circa 1905 (Fathers work)  SOLD

Szepessy Bela, 1914 SOLD

Richard Duke, c1770 SOLD

Italian, school of Calvarola, circa 1760

Fine example by George Winterling Hamburg 1895

Forster workshop, London circa 1825  showing original inscription (before restoration)