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James W Briggs Glasgow 1924

Guarneri model violin for sale, fine condition, please see our gallery featured instrument page for a detailed review of this maker

George Craske – small “Guarneri” model, circa 1850 SOLD

This is the rarer Guarneri model violin by Craske and is of unusually smaller proportions, suitable for the player with smaller hands. It has the original Craske scroll and is offered for sale in good restored condition

Andreas Renisto, 1932

An excellent example of this type of workshop made Italian instrument in extremely good condition.

George Wulme-Hudson, 1935 Mint condition

Modern Italian Violin by Franco Barozzi, 1982

Violin by Claude Victor Rambaux, c1840

Good French violin by Charles J B Collin- Mezin 1912

Labelled signed, numbered and dated accordingly
An excellent example from this well respected maker, this particular instrument is stamped internally with the date Juin 1910 but is labelled and dated 1912 confirming the practice of the fine French makers hanging their instruments most probably ‘in the white’ to season and adjust before being varnished, rested again, and subsequently sold.  This particular example is in fine condition and is most probably a collaboration between the father and the son, producing fine quality instruments on the Stradivari model.

Violin by Thomas Grater & Son 1908 – SOLD

This violin was most likely made in his Birmingham shop when he was 65 years old, and according to the change to the printed label as shown in the photo’s his son may have had more than a passing interest in it’s construction. The wood is of beautiful quality, and also on this example the sides and back of the head are intricately decorated with engraved-like carvings. Altogether a very fine example of this maker’s work in outstanding condition.

H E Blondelet 1911 – SOLD

This excellent example would have been made just 3 years after Blondelet was made a director of the firm of J Thibouville-Lamy when he was aged 36.  Based on an Amati model the condition is near perfect with flawless workmanship as can be seen in the photo’s below, and it retains it’s original Thibouville-Lamy bridge.
This instrument has two labels on the inner back which indicate that it was made by H E Blondelet and then subsequently sold via Thibouville-Lamy;

Italian violin, school of Calvarola, circa 1760

Fine example by George Winterling Hamburg 1895

Forster workshop, London circa 1825

A stunningly preserved violin from this famous London firm showing the original inscription (before restoration). This is now in superb playing condition with a new neck-graft and fresh set-up to suit the most discerning player. A beautiful instrument in pristine condition and a great investment for the future