Updated for June 2022

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We have over 50 instruments in this price range and would encourage anyone looking for a really good instrument to come and try our selection by appointment.  Every violin we sell has been thoroughly prepared and comes to you with our professional guarantee of authenticity and condition. Come and enjoy the process of choosing your next instrument in our comfortable practice room and talk to us about what you are seeking. We have 40 years experience in helping musicians find their ideal instrument.

If you have a higher budget then please see our selection of violins for sale above £5,000


New Chinese ‘Andante’ model (outfit)  £650.00 complete

This comes with a lovely lightweight oblong case with cover, a good quality bow, the instrument is of a slightly ‘antiqued’ appearance and is adjusted and set-up in our workshop to good playing order



Old German 7/8 circa 1900 £1600 SOLD

French Barzoni school 7/8 circa 1900 £2000

French, J B Colin school 7/8 circa 1900 £2200


French circa 1890 “Copie de Stradivarius”

German Violin by Wolff Brothers labelled and dated 1898

A beautiful example from this workshop saved from the hands of a keen amateur who had sought to file down the neck and fingerboard to possibly suit a tiny hand, but making it impossible to be played by an adult.  We took the unusual step on this type of instrument of making a new neck, preserving the original head, and it is now back to it’s former glory, looking and sounding great.

German violin labelled  “Made in Mittenwald, Germany 1910”

German labelled Schweitzer, Dresden c 1890

German, Markneukirchen circa 1910

French, Breton school circa 1880

French, Rene Cune, Mirecourt 1924

English by Peter Clay 1977

French, Mirecourt c1890 ” Michel-Ange Garini”

French, J Thibouville-Lamy  Strad copy c1900

German Dresden school c1890, labelled ‘Kloz’

Good German labelled Rinaldi 1896

Mirecourt c 1900 labelled Michel Gerard

“Grand Concert” Saxony circa 1890

Charles Bailley workshops 1919

Hawkes & Son “The Professor” 1895

Another Hawkes & Son violin, this one is the “Maggini”model circa 1900 finished in stunning birds-eye maple

hawkes birds-eye

The third “Hawkes & Son” instrument in our collection, this is labelled ‘Hawkes and Sons Tyrolese Violin‘ and is in immaculate condition, most probably dating from the good 1890’s period

Good German “Albert Lorenz”

French by Marc Laberte 1932

Excellent example of the work of GEORGE DYKER dated 1942 SOLD

French Violin, school of Sebastien Vuillaume 1875